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Ranked No. 1 in New Healthcare Debt Issuance 12 of last 15 years according to Thomson Reuters™ Municipal Market Analysis**

What we do

We work with clients across the country on functional and strategic balance sheet management and on achieving best practice integration between balance sheet resources and operations.

Our team combines a best-practice framework and analytical resources to effectively review and support decision-making related to capital structure; tying together capital management, treasury operations, invested assets, and external financing.

How we help

A Unique Framework for Decision-Making Support


Capital Management

We provide expert assistance in assessing potential sources of capital, evaluating your organization’s debt and credit capacity, and making the right capital structure decisions for long-term success. Our strategies help better position our clients to access external capital affordably and under the right terms.

Treasury Operations

We partner to help improve treasury operations structure and take a more strategic approach to managing the function. Identify ways to automate manual processes, determine the right mix of credit and banking services at the right cost and terms, and optimize existing banking relationships for success.

Debt, Swap & Leasing

Capital markets are complex and dynamic.
Our experts work with you to determine your organization’s specific financing needs and develop the right approach to capital access, lease acquisition and management, and more.

Invested Asset Strategy

Our experts help you establish a clear and well-articulated role for your organization's investments. Our work aims to enhance the efforts of your investment advisory team by validating your organization's approach to deploying invested assets.

We’re Not Just Advisors—We’re Your Partners

We’ve collaborated with more than 1,000 healthcare organizations of all sizes and types, helping leaders understand the financial impact of every strategic and tactical decision they make. Contact us for expert guidance that positions your organization for success.


Eric Jordahl

Eric Jordahl directs Kaufman Hall’s Treasury and Capital Markets practice and focuses on helping healthcare organizations nationwide by providing Treasury-related transactional, strategic, and management support across all financial assets and liabilities.
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Ryan Freel

Ryan Freel advises healthcare leaders nationwide. His areas of expertise span capital markets transactions, mergers and acquisitions, strategic and financial planning engagements, and enterprise risk management.
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Robert Turner

Robert Turner is a Practice Leader in the Treasury and Capital Markets practice. He consults with healthcare clients nationwide, focusing on issues related to capital structure strategy, and the analysis and implementation of debt transactions.
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Sarah Dawkins, Managing Director

Sarah Dawkins advises healthcare executives across the country on issues related to credit strategy, capital structure risk management, and the analysis and implementation of debt transactions.
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David Ratliff

David Ratliff focuses on advancing client’s enterprise risk and resource allocation strategies, and orchestrating suitable investment platforms, including advisor selection.
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Glenn Wagner

Glenn Wagner helps organizations develop and implement capital finance plans to reduce risks and costs, and has expertise in helping clients manage credit strategies in capital formation.
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Our team can help to improve financial health
and reduce risk for your healthcare organization


Featured Treasury & Capital Market Insights

* Kaufman Hall & Associates is currently registered as a Municipal Advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board. Within the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board ("MSRB") website at, you may obtain the Municipal Advisory client brochure that is posted on the MSRB website. The brochure describes the protections that may be provided by the MSRB Rules along with how to file a complaint with financial regulatory authorities. For clarity, municipal advisory services include providing advice related to the issuance of municipal securities or the use of municipal financial products.

**Kaufman Hall was ranked the No. 1 financial advisor in the U.S. in new healthcare debt for both long-term municipal public offerings and private placements every year since 2005 with exceptions of second-place finishes in 2014, and 2018, and 2019, according to Thomson Reuters™ Municipal Market Analysis.