Invested Asset Strategy

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Deploy Invested Assets and Create the Right Infrastructure

Our team helps to empower healthcare leaders to develop a strategic approach to deploying invested assets and creating the right infrastructure for managing these investments.

We feel our experience is a value differentiator for healthcare organizations of all sizes and types in defining their invested assets approach. 

Connect with Our Consulting Team

Connect with Our Consulting Team

Connect with Our Consulting Team
Our Strategic Approach to Healthcare Investments:
Identify the role of cash and investments

We guide organizations in articulating a clear role for investments and establishing guideline constraints, such as risk and liquidity tolerances.

Select the right investment advisors

Our team helps healthcare leaders navigate the process of choosing investment advisors who will best serve their organization’s interests.

Analyze surplus return and asset liability

Using advanced analytics, we provide guidance on the relationship between operating performance, invested asset positions, and capital structure obligation.

Develop Your Invested Assets Strategy for a Changing Healthcare Environment

Talk with us today to develop your invested assets strategy!

Our Experts
Bobby Bruning headshot
Bobby Bruning is a Senior Vice President with Kaufman Hall’s Treasury and Capital Markets practice. He provides strategic and analytical support for not-for-profit hospitals, health systems and other not-for-profit organizations nationwide.