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We provide world-class management consulting in strategic financial planning, performance improvement, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and treasury & capital markets.

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Healthcare Goals

  • Evaluate Your Market Focus, Offerings, and Relationships
  • Connect Strategy with Financial Plans
  • Effectively Allocate Scarce Capital Resources
  • Understand the Consumer
  • Increase Workforce Productivity
  • Reduce Care Variation
  • Strengthen Physician Integration
  • Improve End-to-End Revenue Cycle Processes
  • Reduce Supply Chain Cost
  • Optimize Synergies
  • Partner with or Acquire
  • Find a Counterparty for the Sale of Your Organization
  • Engage in a Joint Partnership, Venture, or Affiliation
  • Assess Credit Needs and Rating Impact
  • Optimize Treasury Operations and Banking Relationships
  • Understand Your Real Estate Financing Options
  • Access External Funding Channels
  • Position Resources to Both Protect and Advance Mission
  • Maximize Value from Investments in a Dynamic Healthcare Environment
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We recognize that each organization defines success differently, and we center on your organization’s goals and objectives in helping you shape the right approach for partnership. Our reputation is built on achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients.

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We’ve collaborated with healthcare organizations of all sizes and types, helping leaders understand the financial impact of every strategic and tactical decision they make.