Manage the Financial Impact of Change

What We Do

We help healthcare organizations model out the full impact of proposed initiatives on operations and finances by describing future financial risk in quantitative terms, consider alternative scenarios, and proactively plan for expected or unexpected changes.

Our consultants leverage advanced financial modeling tools, and years of healthcare finance expertise to:

  • Develop financing plans that fully support goals
  • Link strategic mission and vision to measurable financial objectives
  • Strengthen the balance sheet for improved financial health
  • Identify key areas of financial risk
  • Quantify the financial impact of strategic initiatives

How We Help 

Find a Balance Between Strategic Needs and Financial Means

More than 90 percent of senior finance executives feel increased pressure to use data to better understand the link
between business strategy and financial results. But most don’t have access to the appropriate data or tools to make
these connections—and it’s one reason why strategic initiatives lose momentum.

Our consultants equip you with the skills and tools to more effectively set targets,
track progress toward goals, and revise strategies as needed.

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