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An evolving industry environment brings new risk and new opportunity. Kaufman Hall has more than 35 years of healthcare provider experience and data-driven financial and strategic analysis to help our private equity clients find value amid unprecedented change.

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Extensive expertise across payer and provider financing, operations, strategy, and M&A:
  • Unmatched market understanding
  • Leading industry contacts
  • Deep knowledge of clinical workflow
  • Broad background in healthcare operations
  • Financial and strategic expertise in managed care contracting
Key Kaufman Hall support areas for private equity and related investors:
  • Market and strategic diligence
  • Growth and strategy for portfolio companies
  • Preparation for investment exit
  • Transaction support and valuation
  • Sensitivity analysis of performance targets
Report Series
Kaufman Hall’s Flash Intelligence

Kaufman Hall’s Flash Intelligence series offers unique, data-driven insights on hospital and health system spending trends, leveraging data from nearly 1,000 hospitals.

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New Revenue Cycle Insights

Kaufman Hall's Industry Expertise Supports Investment Decision-making

As the go-to source for healthcare provider industry insights, Kaufman Hall’s knowledge and expertise help inform critical investment decisions. Create greater value with your healthcare investment strategy.

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Providing Deep Industry Expertise

Partnering with private equity firms to evaluate healthcare investments and drive portfolio company growth. Unlock the untapped potential in your healthcare investments today!


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Create greater value with your healthcare investment strategy.

Kris Blohm counsels executives and boards nationwide on a broad range of transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, strategic investments, as well as other partnership and affiliation structures.