Business Model Transformation

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Transformation partner for health systems

Hospitals and health systems nationwide are determining how best to assess and quantify their value position in a transforming healthcare industry. In addition to analyzing position and performance in the broadest context, organizations must also determine whether their business model is designed to enable execution of their strategic aims and goals.

Connect with Our Consulting Team

Connect with Our Consulting Team

Connect with Our Consulting Team
Expertise and Services We Provide

Kaufman Hall collaborates with organizations to develop and construct operational frameworks that facilitate the achievement of sustainability, quality, market differentiation, and growth prospects, with the understanding of what is required for the evolving healthcare landscape. The movement towards systemness for today’s hospitals and health systems is intended to achieve synergies and increase operating efficiency. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Aligning organizational design with targeted strategies such as value-based and managed care
  • Shaping management models to new constructs such as business outsourcing and resource centralization 
  • Building foundational infrastructure components required for the health system of the future 
  • Aligning horizontally the management of service lines and governance 
  • Evolving system governance, health system and hospital boards, to match the needs of a transformed delivery network 
  • Designing revised management models

Helping your organization develop a fully integrated strategy to improve the consumer journey and drive stronger engagement. From building a comprehensive pricing strategy to leveraging consumer insights to drive decision-making, learn more about how we can work with your organization.

Areas of Expertise 

  • Leveraging Consumer Insights
  • Access Strategy
  • Pricing Life Cycle

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Redefining the organization's value proposition to address evolving purchaser and patient needs and expectations. Shifting from a traditional fee-for-service model to value-based care, where the focus is on delivering high-quality, cost-effective care and improving patient outcomes.

Kaufman Hall helps healthcare organizations navigate payer relationships, optimize resource utilization, improve patient outcomes, and achieve financial sustainability in a managed care environment.

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Well-executed, a value-based care strategy can help to transform the care model, solidify patient capture and volume, while also broadening revenue streams and insulating health systems from some of the impacts of disruptive players and reductions in overall hospital volume. Kaufman Hall collaborates with organizations to assess the market landscape and devise strategically and financially viable paths to value-based care.

Kaufman Hall’s full suite of value-based care services meets healthcare organizations where they are and supports them on their journey toward value:

  • Market assessment/sensing
  • Strategy development
  • Performance assessment and optimization
  • Transformation planning and execution support

Building A Comprehensive Pricing Strategy 

Today’s hospitals and health systems face multiple pricing challenges—driven by evolving market competition, a shift from volume to value-based care and payment models, rising consumer awareness, and growing transparency regulations. We help organizations answer key questions and craft a comprehensive and proactive strategy that includes:

  • Discovery and benchmarking 
  • Competitive strategy
  • Pricing implementation
  • Understanding the patient experience of price 

Kaufman Hall is an industry leader in providing comprehensive pricing strategy solutions. We have the proprietary tools and time-tested, data-driven, and financially rigorous solutions to help you thrive through every step of the pricing life cycle.

Our Experts
Amanda Steele headshot
Amanda Steele is a Managing Director and co-leads Kaufman Hall’s Strategy & Business Transformation practice, where she focuses her time advising health systems and provider enterprises with their enterprise strategy – developing value propositions to deliver on their missions and visions in light of the fast-changing healthcare landscape.