Strategic Resource Allocation

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Responsive Stewardship

Strategic Resource Allocation integrates analytics from across the organization to ensure that balance sheet resources become a dynamic part of the financial and strategic planning process. These resources serve as a “risk throttle” that dynamically responds to shifting operating risks and mission imperatives.

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Connect with Our Consulting Team

Connect with Our Consulting Team
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  1. Balanced Investments

    Unrestricted cash and investments are a uniquely important lever for recalibrating the relationship between resources and risks, a process that becomes especially important in periods of operating turbulence. Strategic Resource Allocation is the bridge between the organization’s ever-changing operating and financing risk profile and the appropriate positioning of its balance sheet resources.

  2. Active Risk Management

    Operations and mission collectively represent the greatest demand on every healthcare organization’s resources. Strategic Resource Allocation supports a transition from passive (or compliance-driven) risk management to active risk management by creating a dynamic bi-directional bridge between risk and balance sheet positioning.

  3. Integrated Decision-Making

    Decisions related to operating performance, strategic endeavors, capital spending, leverage, and the role of investments each impact total risk and resource positioning. Strategic Resource Allocation creates a uniquely holistic decision-support framework.

  4. Agile Responsiveness

    Navigating disruption requires analytic integration, communication, and action, guided by a common decision framework and resulting plan. Strategic Resource Allocation connects with other important decision-support tools to generate an integrated response that can be recalibrated as internal or external circumstances change.

Define Your Total Financial Resources
  • Continuously reposition balance sheet resources to advance operations and mission

  • Promote actionable risk management as a critical step in optimizing balance sheet resource positioning

  • Integrate reliable but typically distributed analytics to create truly responsive resource positioning

  • Create a holistic risk-resource communication hub among and between management and governance


Eric Jordahl directs Kaufman Hall’s Treasury and Capital Markets practice and focuses on helping healthcare organizations nationwide by providing Treasury-related transactional, strategic, and management support across all financial assets and liabilities.