Creating a Responsive Balance Sheet

53 minute
Strategic resource allocation collage

In May, Russell Investments hosted a conversation with Alfred Salvato, SVP and Chief Investment Officer at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals (Jefferson Health) titled “Case Study: Creating a responsive balance sheet.” Russell Investments discussed how Al implemented an integrated risk framework across TJU’s balance sheet assets to align the investment risk positioning with expected capital needs over the short, medium and long term. Russell serves as TJU’s investment consultant whereas Kaufman Hall serves as a financial strategist in these concerns. Lisa Schneider, CFA, Managing Director, Head of Client Solutions, moderated.

This webinar was a Q&A session with Al taking on the following topics:

  • Building an integrated risk financial framework to align investment strategy with financial strategy
  • Should you shift from a single pool only with a long-term focus to multiple operating pools aligned by time horizon?
  • Consolidating investment pools
  • Increasing portfolio transparency—knowing what risks you’re exposed to when markets turn south

Kaufman Hall was not associated with this webinar but it referenced our work with TJU using the Strategic Resource Allocation framework. It offers an objective viewpoint of the value of that work.

For questions about this work, please contact David Ratliff and stop by the dedicated SRA page.

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