We’ll Help You Strengthen Your Financial Position 

Kaufman Hall offers college and university leaders a range of expertise and solutions to optimize performance and organizational decision making and sustained financial performance. We’ve helped colleges and universities across the nation with plans to adjust to higher education’s rapidly changing environment.

Illustration of strategic planning

Strategic Planning for Colleges & Universities

Grow and diversify revenues through non-traditional academic programs and modalities

Explore opportunities to diversify curricula, optimize modalities, and grow revenues through academic mix, online and open learning, and partnerships.

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Illustration of administrative assessment
Administrative Assessment and Design

Align people, processes, and information to drive transformative change


Assess and design an optimized future-state administrative model, including organizational design, staffing numbers, operating models, and leading practice business processes.

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Overcome challenges. Realize your mission. Get started today improving your strategy and outcomes. 

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Treasury & Capital Management

Deploy treasury for competitive advantage

Manage treasury organization, processes, and deployment to gain competitive advantage.

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Partnerships, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Leverage creative partnerships to strengthen business model

Align strategy and objectives and ensure mission, vision, and values guide the journey toward finding the right partner.

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Featured Higher Education Insights

Reimagining Higher Education On-Demand Webinars

This on-demand webinar series focuses on the task of reimagining higher education, with sessions on strategies for growth, transformation, and affiliation, as well as sessions on the tools and leadership skills required.

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Our Higher Education Practice Leaders

Larenda Mielke

Larenda Mielke, Vice President

Larenda Mielke is a Vice President in the Higher Education division of Kaufman Hall’s Strategic and Financial Planning practice. She has extensive leadership experience in higher education in the areas of strategy, curriculum and program development, and more.
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Jason Sussman

Jason Sussman has provided planning and financial advisory services for healthcare providers and higher education institutions nationwide for more than 35 years. He is a leader in Kaufman Hall’s Strategic and Financial Planning practice.
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Disha Venkatesan headshot

Disha Venkatesan, Vice President

Disha Venkatesan is a Vice President in Kaufman Hall’s Higher Education practice based in Charlottesville.
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