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Most healthcare organizations are feeling the pressure to get to a new normal cost of care while continuing to improve the quality, patient experience, and outcomes of services they deliver. Hospitals and health systems partner with us to increase net patient service revenue through targeted performance improvement initiatives that leverage a disciplined, data-driven approach.

Our experts have the expertise and tools to help clients drive transformational change across all areas and achieve breakthrough performance improvement.

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Our healthcare performance improvement experts partner with organizations to identify opportunities for improvement, prioritize initiatives, guide implementation, and achieve long-term gains in performance.


Successfully recruit and retain the patient care workforce

Non-Labor Strategy

Manage the costs of products and services within your healthcare organization to drive immediate savings

Care Transitions

Ensure patients get the right care, in the right setting, at the right time—every time

Revenue Cycle Process

Increase revenue by enhancing cycle performance and efficiency through process redesign, contract management, and more

Clinical Variation

Identify opportunities to reduce variation in clinical cost, quality, and patient outcomes

Merger Integration

Creating value requires a focused approach

Delivery Network Optimization

Structure an effective care delivery system to provide the access, pricing, and quality consumers want

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2023 State of Healthcare Performance Improvement Report

The Kaufman Hall State of Healthcare Performance Improvement Report highlights trends in workforce, volume and revenue, supplies and purchased services, physician enterprise, and the balance sheet.

We’re Not Just Advisors—We’re Your Partners

Performance improvement requires challenging data collection and analysis, politically sensitive decisions, complex change management, and vigilant monitoring and reporting to ensure that costs don’t creep back in. Our consultants can help you strengthen organizational capabilities to achieve widespread and sustainable results.

Lance Robinson
Lance Robinson is a Managing Director of Kaufman Hall and Leader of the firm’s Revenue and Operations Improvement (ROI) practice, which includes individuals with deep expertise in labor, non-labor, productivity, supply chain, contracted services, overhead, clinical service mix, and revenue cycle management.
John Headshot
John Bauerlein is a Senior Vice President with Kaufman Hall’s Revenue and Operations Improvement (ROI) team. His responsibilities include corporate shared services, results and program management, and evaluation and preparation of partnership efficiency opportunities for hospitals and health systems nationwide.
Mark Newton headshot
Mark Newton is a Senior Vice President with Kaufman Hall, and a leader in the firm’s Revenue and Operations Improvement (ROI) practice, with a focus on Revenue Cycle optimization. He works with executives from a full range of healthcare organizations, helping them to implement sustainable, data-driven performance improvement strategies.
Shawna O'Neill headshot
Shawna is a Managing Director with Kaufman Halls Revenue and Operations Improvement (ROI) practice. Her experience as a nurse, a hospital administrator (both COO & CNO), and a consultant gives her a unique perspective on the clinical and social dynamics at play in today’s healthcare environments.
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