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Credit & Capital Management activities focus on identifying, managing, and maintaining access to capital and credit resources to fund new/upgraded facilities, equipment and technology, and strategic opportunities. It can also mean preserving key relationships during times of covenant challenges or renegotiation/ restructuring needs.

Our consultants work with clients to assess capital funding availability from internal cash and cash flows, and external sources, and help to optimize processes to balance strategic investments and investment capabilities.

Connect with Our Consulting Team

Connect with Our Consulting Team

Connect with Our Consulting Team
Our capital funding approach is designed to meet four goals:
Assess capital funding availability from both internal cash and cash flows and external funding sources.
Evaluate credit, debt capacity, and ultimate capital capacity; and define the external capital channels the organization will access.
Determine the optimal combination of cash, cash flow, and external funding sources to deploy depending on our client’s circumstances.
Establish the infrastructure—covenants, products, partners—that will guide access to external capital.
Maintain relationships with key external stakeholders to preserve capital access on an ongoing basis.
How We Help
Define Your Capital Funding Approach

In an era of transformation, the capital investments your organization makes today help will define your long-term success.

Having an integrated decision-making process for capital allocation and management is critical.

We offer a range of financial and capital strategies and solutions to round out the capital management needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes and types, from small community hospitals to large health systems and academic medical centers.

Our Experts
Terri Wareham is a founding partner of Kaufman Hall and the firm’s former CEO. She has been a trusted advisor to healthcare leaders nationwide for more than three decades, and is recognized as a leading authority on healthcare financing.
Matt Robbins provides partnership and financial advisory services for a broad range of healthcare clients engaged in various types of transactions, such as borrowings, debt restructurings, derivatives, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures.
Lisa Goldstein headshot
Lisa Goldstein is a nationally recognized analyst, speaker, writer, and expert on not-for-profit healthcare. At Kaufman Hall, she is a member of the Treasury and Capital Markets practice and Thought Leadership team.
Marek Kowalewski
Marek Kowalewski works with healthcare organizations nationwide, providing financial advisory services in the areas of fixed and variable bond financings, private bank negotiations, interest rate swaps, capital structure strategy, and credit positioning.