Care Transitions

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Integrated care and best-practice processes ensure patients get the right care, in the right setting, at the right time—every time

Why Do Care Transitions Matter?

Instilling leading-practice Case Management processes ensures optimal patient outcomes and safe practices. It can also lead to millions of dollars in savings by avoiding payment denials for issues such as incorrect patient status assignments or adverse outcomes (e.g., readmissions, hospital-acquired conditions, patient safety incidents, etc.).

At Kaufman Hall, the term “Care Transitions” refers to a tailored, collaborative, and interdisciplinary approach to drive effective and efficient patient throughput and optimize patient Length of Stay management. 

Connect with Our Consulting Team

Connect with Our Consulting Team

Connect with Our Consulting Team

How We Help

The Kaufman Hall Care Transitions team works with inpatient care providers to ensure accuracy of patient status assignments and reduce avoidable denials or delays. We use timely encounter-level data to drive day-to-day tasks and proactive decisions. Our Care Transitions team conducts assessments based on these 6 leading practice pillars:

Our Care Transitions team conducts assessments based on these 6 pillars:

  1. Status Assignment at Portals of Entry
  2. Utilization Review and Documentation
  3. Care Coordination and Discharge Planning
  4. Care Progression & Multidisciplinary Collaboration
  5. Physician Escalation & Governance
  6. Data & Technology Driven Process
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Sustainable success depends on making improvements among all six interrelated pillars. Our Care Transitions team brings a demonstrated approach that includes scalable and customizable interventions, and a proven track record of results.

Who We Are
Why Kaufman Hall

Our team includes former clinicians, case management directors, and health system executives with vast subject matter expertise. Kaufman Hall works hand-in-hand with clients, helping you implement sustainable solutions to achieve your goals.

Financial Challenges Healthcare Providers are Facing
  1. Reimbursement denials and delays
  2. Avoidable patient days or interrupted care
  3. Patient leakage from your health system
  4. Patient safety & readmissions
  5. Capacity constraints & Patient backfill opportunities

Care Transitions Core Team

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Brian advises healthcare executives on major cost reduction, length of stay, and patient throughput initiatives, including building efficiencies, reducing waste, eliminating redundancies, and ensuring accurate portrayal of entry status assignment. 
Effective care transitions enhance patient safety and experience, reduce lengths of stay & readmissions, and improve patient throughput