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Healthcare organizations are facing critical challenges and what got them to today is not what’s going to get them through to tomorrow. Combining strategy and solid financial acumen, Kaufman Hall helps organizations who are facing significant strategic and financial threats chart a successful path to the future.

The healthcare industry is increasingly interconnected, and our experience runs across the full range of healthcare organizations, including hospitals and health systems, physician practices, payer organizations, and private equity investors.

We help define your enterprise’s strategy, align organizational design and operations with strategic goals, facilitate strategic partnerships, and link strategic vision to measurable financial objectives.

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Strategy Advisory Services 

Addressing pressing industry challenges through defining and implementing resilient strategies for the changing healthcare landscape.

Enterprise Strategy
  • Enterprise strategic planning
  • Strategic options
  • Integrated strategic financial planning
  • Enterprise growth strategy
Partnership Strategy
  • Optimizing service portfolio
  • Growth Strategy
  • Assessing strategic options
  • Joint facilitation on specific partnership opportunities
  • Private equity advisory and investment due diligence
Clinical Enterprise
  • Facility, regional, or ambulatory network planning
  • Service line planning and optimization
  • System/network redesign and care model development
  • Provider alignment strategy
Business Model Transformation
  • Consumer insights-driven planning/consumer transformation advisory
  • Pricing strategies
  • Managed care strategy/value-based care assessment and planning
  • Operational and organizational structure planning
How We Help
Finding Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

Healthcare organizations are seeking answers to new questions as they navigate an uncertain and challenging environment. We work with leadership and board members to help find answers to these questions, grounded in the specific characteristics of their markets. Today’s most pressing questions include:

  • What can we do strategically to overcome deteriorating financial performance?
  • What is our core business, and what services could be provided by others more quickly, conveniently, or efficiently?
  • Who can we partner with to ensure that our customers and communities have access to all needed services?
  • How can we better integrate consumer expectations into our operations and care delivery models?
  • What new capabilities will be required for our organization to continue to thrive, and how can we best acquire them?
  • Do our current leadership and governance structures align with our strategic vision?
  • To what extent is fear of change or organizational culture impeding our ability to move forward and how do we overcome these obstacles?
How We Help Health Care Hospitals and Health Systems, Physician Practices, and Payer Organizations

Providers and payers alike are exploring competitive strategies. Innovative provider-payer partnerships that integrate care delivery and financing are quickly emerging and will solidify partnering entities as trusted brands within communities.

From products and networks to risk arrangements and financial models, several issues must be thoroughly evaluated as part of a payer strategy. We assist both providers and payers in creating differentiated strategies that improve care and reduce costs.

Payer Provider Strategy & Partnership

Helping your organization develop a fully integrated strategy to improve the consumer journey and drive stronger engagement. From building a comprehensive pricing strategy to leveraging consumer insights to drive decision-making, learn more about how we can work with your organization.

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All providers must reassess their portfolio of services including products, service lines, and sites of care. Health systems have recognized that unnecessary duplication neither drives quality nor financial performance.

We partner with organizations to strategically redesign and rationalize their care models driving sustainability, quality, market differentiation, and growth opportunities.

Develop data-informed point of views on how your organizations can respond to future market conditions and pursue new growth opportunities. Hospitals and health systems nationwide are determining how best to assess and quantify their value position in a transforming healthcare industry. Beyond traditional analytics, organizations now also need to use complex analytics to assess their position and performance in a broader context for population health management.

We provide guidance and tools to help you develop a data-informed point of view on population health management and how your organization should respond to future market conditions.

We’re Not Just Advisors—We’re Your Partners

For nearly 40 years, Kaufman Hall has provided independent, objective insights to help healthcare organizations fulfill their missions, achieve their goals, and tackle their toughest problems. With our unmatched experience and expertise, we help healthcare leaders craft strategies that support the long-term financial health and viability of their organizations.

Amanda Steele headshot
Amanda Steele is a Managing Director and co-leads Kaufman Hall’s Strategy & Business Transformation practice, where she focuses her time advising health systems and provider enterprises with their enterprise strategy – developing value propositions to deliver on their missions and visions in light of the fast-changing healthcare landscape.
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