Non-Labor Strategy

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Manage the costs of products and services within your healthcare organization to drive immediate savings

Drawing on a deep understanding of the hospital supply chain, our consultants provide strategies for engaging clinicians and other non-labor stakeholders in optimizing the acquisition and use of purchased goods and services.

Our consultants work with clients to implement strategies and tools to change practices and improve contracts, including negotiating better pricing, terms, and conditions.

Connect with Our Consulting Team

Connect with Our Consulting Team

Connect with Our Consulting Team
In partnership with our consultants, our clients are better equipped to:
Negotiate better pricing, terms, and conditions by leveraging the best data
Ensure access to the right supplies, services, and equipment at the lowest cost
Increase physician and clinician engagement to support high-quality care at reduced cost
Increase days cash on hand and improve revenue
Move Beyond Incremental Cost Improvement

We take a comprehensive, data-driven approach to managing non-labor costs—every supply, drug and purchased service. Our experts are an independent outsider that can objectively create and achieve cost-reduction targets and sustain improvements.

Our Experts