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From developing and implementing integrated financial and capital plans to identifying whether there is enough capital capacity to support new strategies, we partner with healthcare leaders to link strategic missions with measurable financial objectives. We'll help you pinpoint future financial risk, determine appropriate responses, and move agilely in the dynamic healthcare marketplace. 


Strategic Planning

Today’s healthcare providers must balance strategic priorities with financial realities in determining the right path for success. We help healthcare leaders continually evaluate their market focus, service offerings, payer relationships, and contracting strategies to strengthen their competitive position.

Financial Planning

Our approach to financial planning is grounded in a deep understanding of both the healthcare industry and the capital markets. We empower hospitals and health systems to develop short- and long-term plans that are financially tested and set them on a path for sustainable success.

Capital Planning

The move toward value-based payment models demands greater capital investment, but for some organization, capital needs exceed capital capacity. Our proven approach to capital planning enables organizations to more effectively allocate scarce capital resources.

Consumer Strategy

In a world of Amazon and Netflix, consumers expect more from their healthcare experience—but few organizations are yet meeting these expectations. Our consultants partner with you to develop a consumer-centric approach to healthcare access, pricing, and overall consumer experience.

We’re Not Just Advisors—We’re Your Partners

We’ve collaborated with more than 1,000 healthcare organizations of all sizes and types, helping leaders understand the financial impact of every strategic and tactical decision they make. 


Kate Guelich, Managing Director

Kate Guelich has been advising healthcare leaders nationwide for more than 20 years, offering keen industry insights in the areas of strategic financial planning, mergers and acquisitions, and financial advisory services.
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Mark Grube

Mark Grube leads Kaufman Hall’s healthcare strategy services, where his signature engagements have included helping hospitals and health systems to achieve growth opportunities, assess partnership options, and establish consumer strategies.
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Ryan Gish

Ryan Gish helps healthcare leaders address pressing industry challenges through defining and implementing resilient strategies for the changing healthcare landscape.
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Dawn Samaras

Dawn Samaris

Dawn Samaris advises healthcare leaders nationwide on a broad range of initiatives, including strategic and financial planning, physician alignment strategies, post-acute strategies, and business and structural planning for merger, acquisition, and partnership transactions.
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Amanda Steele

Amanda Steele, Managing Director

Amanda Steele is a leader in Kaufman Hall’s Planning practice, focused on providing actionable, data-driven solutions to help hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers succeed in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.
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Jason Sussman

Jason Sussman, a Managing Director of Kaufman Hall, directs the Capital Planning and Allocation division of the Strategic and Financial Planning practice. Mr. Sussman provides planning and financial advisory services for hospitals, health systems, and physician groups nationwide. His areas of expertise include strategic financial planning, capital allocation, mergers and acquisitions, financing transactions, and management software.
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