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Today’s consumers are taking control of healthcare decisions in ways that would have been impossible even five years ago. Meanwhile, some value-based payment models are linking provider revenue to consumer engagement and satisfaction.

Our consultants guide healthcare providers in putting consumers at the center of care delivery models. We partner with our clients to re-imagine every aspect of the care encounter—from the point of view of the consumer— to design and implement strategies that build loyalty and trust.

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Build Consumer Loyalty and Engagement

Our work is based on the principle that consumer-centric care is not an initiative or program,
but a foundational organizational competency that is key to growth and risk management.

We work with healthcare leaders to craft and implement a consumer strategy that more effectively engages
consumers from the point of access and beyond, and provides enhanced convenience, communication, and choice.

Our consumer strategy team includes individuals with deep expertise in consumer product marketing, retail
and channel strategies, ambulatory and virtual care, and integrated strategic, financial, and capital planning.


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