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Physician Flash Report: Q3 2023

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Physician Flash Report: Q3 2023 Chart

Above Chart: Q3 2023 Key Performance Metrics Summary

Physicians are operating at record-high levels of productivity compared to recent years but receiving less pay per unit of work. The median investment/subsidy per provider continues to increase, but the pace is slowing with only a 1% change from Q3 2022 to Q3 2023.

The October issue of the Physician Flash Report features the most up-to-date industry trends drawn from the same data physician groups use to track their finances and operations. For more detailed benchmarks by specialty or custom peer groups, please email

Erik Swanson
Erik Swanson is a Senior Vice President leading Kaufman Hall’s Data and Analytics Group where he focuses on providing cutting-edge data science tools to our clients to provide deeper and more timely insight, drive operational improvement, develop thought leadership, and produce the most meaningful outcomes.
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