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Physician Practice Evaluation Reporting

Healthcare organizations nationwide are transitioning to an interdisciplinary care model with full transparency to address the industry’s focus on outcome- and value-based care amidst shrinking res

The Store Is Dead. Long Live the Store

Last year, almost 7,000 retail store closings were announced, an increase of 200 percent over the previous year, and major retailers have announced more than 4,000 store closings so far in 2018. The cause most often cited for what some call the “Retail Apocalypse” is online shopping—primarily the convenience and customer experience of Amazon.

2018 State of Cost Transformation: Time for Big Steps

The pursuit of lower costs is not a new priority for most hospitals and health systems. But has the talk translated into action? What goals have organizations set to transform costs, what progress are they making, and what impediments must be addressed?

The War for Outpatients

On Oct. 10, Walgreens announced that it will partner with LabCorp to open 600 blood draw centers in its stores over the next four years. Stefano Pessina, CEO of Walgreens, said, “This reflects our commitment to transform our stores into neighborhood health destinations.” The same day, the Justice Department approved the merger of CVS Health and Aetna. Larry Merlo, CEO of CVS, said, “Our focus will be at the local and community level, taking advantage of our thousands of locations and touchpoints throughout the country." These two events are just the latest evidence of the common goal of emerging healthcare competitors: to dislodge the outpatient business from traditional hospitals and health systems.

Axiom Budgeting for Higher Education

Kaufman Hall’s Axiom Budgeting software for Higher Education incorporates best-practice budget methodologies to support efficient, accurate, and transparent budget developm

Using Cost Data to Optimize Clinical Decisions

As Vermont continues to move toward a global healthcare payment model, hospitals and health systems in the state are under pressure to advance their ability to operate in a value-based care environ

Axiom Tuition Planning for Higher Education

Kaufman Hall’s Axiom Tuition Planning solution, built by higher education experts with real-world experience, enables higher education leaders to align student and financial data, foster institutio