Kaufman Hall has been tracking the growing influence of consumer decision-making in healthcare—commonly referred to as “consumerism”—for the past five years. Changes in the consumer healthcare journey—from scheduling appointments online to accessing a growing number of outpatient and virtual care options by traditional providers and new entrants alike—were already taking place prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. But as infection rates skyrocketed in the U.S. in early March of 2020, providers were forced to pivot and quickly launched or accelerated their consumer project timetables from years to a matter of weeks and even days.

This Kaufman Hall special report explores the factors influencing the acceleration of trends in consumerism in the wake of a pandemic, hospital strategies for addressing them, and the future outlook across access, experience, and pricing.

Meet the Author

Paul Crnkovich

Managing Director
Paul Crnkovich leads Kaufman Hall’s consumer practice, working with healthcare leaders to enhance their understanding of consumer expectations and develop strategies for access, experience, and pricing.
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