LIBOR Transition Considerations for Credit Agreements and Derivatives

36 minute
Definition of LIBOR

The transition away from LIBOR is well underway. In this webinar, Kaufman Hall Senior Vice Presidents Steven Sohn and Geoff Stenger will discuss impacts of the LIBOR transition on bank credit agreements and derivatives, including LIBOR replacement alternatives, amendment options for existing agreements, and fallback rate calculations for LIBOR-based swaps. They will also discuss how changes in market conditions—including potential rate increases by the Fed—may impact short-term debt and investments, swaps, and cash in 2022 and beyond.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the LIBOR transition timeline and actions required to prepare for the transition
  • Define LIBOR alternatives and options for amending existing agreements
  • Describe the impact of potential changes in market conditions in the year ahead
Steve Sohn
With more than 20 years of finance experience, Steve Sohn advises healthcare clients nationwide on credit positioning, financial risk management, debt offerings, interest rate swaps, private/public financial transactions, and capital structure performance.
Geoff Stenger
Geoff Stenger is a Senior Vice President with Kaufman Hall’s Treasury and Capital Markets practice, specializing in bond issuance, private placements, and treasury management. His expertise includes bank credit financing solutions and treasury operations consulting.
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