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Claro Healthcare is a recent addition to the Kaufman Hall family.

Claro Healthcare is a premier healthcare consulting firm dedicated to helping hospitals and health systems navigate the unique challenges they face through collaboration, depth of knowledge, and specific focus on healthcare. Claro Healthcare is the leading firm is the US for Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) and it also provides complimentary Hospital Operations and Revenue Cycle Solutions that help clients generate additional revenue and properly reflect the acuity of their patients to reflect improved quality. Over the last 25 years, its professionals have helped hundreds of hospitals and health systems nationally.

We help our clients improve their financial, operational, and quality performance by capturing appropriate and incremental revenue, managing costs, accurately reflecting the quality of care, streamlining processes, and assisting with technology.

The team at Claro Healthcare has truly partnered with NM, throughout our organization, to assist us in achieving our strategic goals of properly reflecting our exceptional quality of care, improving our operating performance, and achieving appropriate revenue for the services rendered. We value and appreciate the commitment of their team to help us achieve and fund our mission. - John A. OrsiniNorthwestern Medicine, Senior Vice President, and Chief Financial OfficerWith a depth of knowledge and singular focus on healthcare, we collaborate with hospitals and health systems to help them navigate the unique challenges they face. We believe in the important work of our clients, knowing it has a direct impact on the health and well-being of people in their communities.

Our approach recognizes that success requires people, process, and technology to achieve the most successful result. We assess the opportunities with the people, process, and technology, then we help our clients implement and sustain the needed changes.

Running a hospital or health system in today’s environment is extremely challenging and requires excellence in many critical areas. Maintaining last year’s performance is frequently not enough. We help our clients challenge their historical practices and implement new processes to enable higher levels of performance.

Claro Healthcare has exceptional people who bring depth of experience and dedication that has allowed our team to achieve enhanced performance. Claro Healthcare has been an important part of our being able to achieve some of our key strategic goals. - Kevin J. Burns - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Business OfficerOne of the central challenges all hospitals and health systems face is how to provide world-class care while managing their scarce resources. We are working with our clients to improve their revenue cycle functions.

Claro Healthcare provides our clients with a comprehensive solution that assesses, implements, and continually supports clients’ CDI (Clinical Documentation Improvement) function and leads to higher levels of defensible revenues and improved quality. We work with our clients in their CDI processes across the continuum of care. - Venanzio Arquilla, Co-Founder & Managing Director

The roots of our Comprehensive CDI originate from our inpatient offering going back to the early 1990s. Our inpatient offering has continued to evolve over the past 25 years not only to address reimbursement objectives but also to use a clinically based approach that helps clients improve quality scores and compliance.

We developed a CDI solution that addresses documentation, coding, and charge capture for Outpatient Facilities’ services. In addition, we have a Professional Fee CDI solution that helps health systems capture opportunities with both fee-for-service and risk-based contracts. Regardless of the site of care in the health system and the related coding roles, we can help our clients with documentation, coding, and charging so that they get credit for the acuity of their patients and realize accurate reimbursement and quality scores.

“Our approach is holistic and focuses on people, process, and technology.”

Claro Healthcare’s Comprehensive CDI offering approach addresses people, process, and technology. Our clinically focused approach with technology delivers the highest, most sustainable impact. Our deep clinical insight teaches our clients to capture the benefits related to the most advanced CDI concepts.

Claro Healthcare’s offering is a complete solution that assesses, implements, and continually supports clients’ CDI programs, driving higher levels of revenues. The services can be applied to inpatient, outpatient, and professional service environments.

Claro Healthcare also offers a collection of applications with workflow management tools, analytics, educational content, dashboards, and an integrated encoder. Clients say Claro Healthcare meets expectations, offers a high level of support, and provides an achievable ROI.

KLAS is an independent organization that surveys hospitals to evaluate the caliber of the services or applications provided to hospitals and health systems. They have named Claro Healthcare the Category Leader for CDI services in 2019 and 2020. 

Claro Healthcare seeks to provide exceptional value to our clients with the best perspective, guidance, and resources. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with each of our clients, and we are thrilled that our clients continue to validate that we are exceeding their expectations.

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