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Kaufman Hall Report, Winter 2019

The Winter 2019 Kaufman Hall Report features excerpts from the panel discussion on private equity that occurred at Kaufman Hall’s recent Healthcare Leadership Conference.

Why Hospitals Must Seek Scale

We have all seen the attacks on hospitals for exercising their right to merge and make decisions about how to best fulfill their missions in a rapidly changing competitive environment. In this blog post, Kaufman Hall presents its point of view on this critical issue.

2018 M&A in Review: A New Healthcare Landscape Takes Shape

Healthcare merger and acquisition activity in 2018 points to a continued focus on strategic over opportunistic growth. The emergence of new competitors with the scale and capital resources to quickly build a presence in the markets they decide to enter has created a new imperative for strategic growth, as hospitals and health systems seek to obtain the expertise, data, and technology needed to engage and remain relevant to consumers.

Capital Markets Update, January 2019

Bear Market Results Highlight the Need for an Integrated Approach to Risk and Resource Allocation. Twenty months ago, Kaufman Hall published observations on the capital markets, mentioning that “after a long hibernation, animal spirits may be awakening.” Previous monetary policy had been aggressively accommodative, but plans were moving forward to unwind the Federal Reserve’s support.

6 Steps for Effective Use of Peer Comparisons and Analytics

Successful use of comparative analytics requires high-quality data, technology, and often cultural shifts. The lack of good data and insight into costs and where savings opportunities exist continues to be the top-cited impediment to cost transformation, according to Kaufman Hall’s latest survey.

The Board’s Role in Capital Resource Allocation

The capital allocation and management process is a management responsibility, and the optimal role of the board should be to provide appropriate oversight of the process. Read this article for how to develop a clear delineation and balance between governance and management.

Axiom Software Ellucian Integration

As an Ellucian Alliance Partner, Kaufman Hall’s Axiom Software is fully compatible and can be deeply integrated with Ellucian’s ERP and Student Information Systems.

Trends and Priorities for Healthcare in 2019

Kaufman Hall recently surveyed senior finance professionals to gauge the organizational priorities impacting their financial outlook for 2019, challenges they face, and key actions they plan to ens

And the Oscar Goes to…the Subscription Model

Best-picture nominations for Amazon and Netflix movies are the latest signal of the rise of the subscription model in the internet economy. My latest blog examines how this model can generate consumer engagement and recurring revenue in healthcare.

Radical Decision Making Podcast Series

How bold is your board?

A fast-changing environment requires health system boards to make decisions more quickly, more boldly, and with a greater tolerance for risk.