Drive ongoing performance gains by unlocking the patterns and insights
hidden in your data



Start identifying performance improvement opportunities at month end close

Timely comparison data is required for context to determine your own performance. Axiom Comparative Analytics offers access to a wide array of financial metric comparison data and virtually eliminates the burden of normalizing your own data. Using the tool you can identify problem areas, their root cause and develop corrective strategies faster. 

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Focus on analysis, not data normalization

Axiom comparative analytics automatically normalizes and integrates your internal data with external data, saving hundreds of man-hours each month and making comparisons of financial data easy and fast. Uniform classification of data provides access to metrics and measures across any peer group you select. 

Get the most robust hospital comparison data

Access financial, payroll, and labor utilization metrics and measures from across 500+ unique departments across more than 650 hospitals, including data at the system, region, location, and department level. Both normalized internal and external comparison data is available at the conclusion of month end close.

Free-up time for analysis.
Get a single source for normalizing internal data together with timely peer comparison metrics.


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