Access financial comparison data
from other relevant organizations


Conduct root-cause analysis for
meaningful performance tracking


Track improvement efforts over
time and quickly take action



Intuitive Analytics

Explore a wide range of data and gain insights on your organization’s financial performance with:

  • Automated data submission

  • Normalized standard classifications

  • Embedded data quality tools and audit reports

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Benefits of Axiom Comparative Analytics

Give Your Performance Measures Context

The Axiom Comparative Analytics solution provides healthcare organizations with a clear path to understand and improve financial performance. Our software delivers the most robust and up-to-date peer comparison data in the industry, with external comparisons that are refreshed monthly.

Drill Down to See What’s Driving Performance

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to drill in at every category level. Advanced reporting capabilities support comparisons of financial, payroll, and utilization metrics internally and externally for a comprehensive view of performance. Capabilities built directly into this solution ensure the data you’re analyzing is up to date and accurate.

Gauge Effectiveness. Drive Action.
Compare Performance Against Peers.


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