Secure & Compliant

The Axiom Software Cloud platform is SSAE-16 SOC Type II (SOC2) audited by BDO USA, LLP according to AICPA standards; and leverages Microsoft’s Azure HIPAA Compliance framework, includes a BAA Contract Addendum from Microsoft as well as ISO 27001 audit controls that address HIPAA security practices as recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Enterprise Grade

Our cloud technology provides a modern interface for managing and supporting large and unique data needs. Users can easily cascade decision-making through multiple templates, hierarchies and roles. Our guided enterprise workflow provides users with a personalized summary of their tasks and a navigation of the steps required in their decision tree.

Flexible User Interface

Users can access the Cloud platform in a variety of ways, based on their unique preferences. From power users and administrators to periodic contributors or report consumers, our client options ensure that all user types can interact with the platform in the manner most suitable to their role.


Excel Client

Access all features within a Microsoft® .NET interface that leverages Microsoft® Excel®

Windows Client

.NET-based engine emulates spreadsheet environments without requiring Microsoft Excel

Browser Client

Access Axiom Software from any browser, tablet or mobile device with the latest HTML5 technology

Word and PowerPoint Integration

Embed directly into PowerPoint and Word for increased collaboration

Automated Data Integration

Axiom Software includes a robust, highly configurable data connector that can connect a variety of data sources
in a matter of minutes. Our commitment to open integration standards ensures that users have the power
and flexibility to connect to virtually any data source.


Axiom Software Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Our powerful, extensible and easy to use Axiom Software Cloud platform provides the modern foundation
that empowers business professionals to manage an integrated spectrum of planning, reporting and analytics.


Ultimate Flexibility

Eliminate the burden on IT with a tool that allows users to extend data models, tune calculations, and manage UX on a familiar spreadsheet-like interface.


Complete Security

Structure how data is accessed, shared and audited with easy-to-use security controls and a platform that is fully compliant with HIPPA, GLB, SOX and more.



Guided workflow experiences enable users to accomplish tasks with minimal training and step-by-step instructions.