Tuition Planning

Accurately Project Tuition Revenue

Axiom Tuition Planning software models an unlimited number of tuition rates and fees and applies them at cohort- or program-level detail. College and university leaders can easily compare potential courses of action by creating scenarios to mix and match assumptions and initiatives.

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Rate Changes

Easily create scenarios that show the impact of tuition rate changes

Tuition Revenue

Better predict tuition and fee revenue based on assumptions and trends

Flexible Modeling

Leverage modeling for an unlimited number of tuition rates and fees

Integrated Systems

Connect tuition planning with operational budgets and long-range plans

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“We need to feel confident that we’re not going to get out over the tips of our skis. This requires making resources available for the university’s agenda in a fiscally responsible way that doesn’t overly constrain the institution.”
Thomas S. McGurty
Vice President Finance and Treasurer Tufts University


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Kaufman Hall a Top 20 Innovator in EdTech


EdTech Top 20 Innovators in Tech Award


“[Kaufman Hall] combines in-depth higher education expertise with industry-leading technology and planning solutions to address the complex organizational needs of today’s institutions.” 

Adam Rubens, Managing Editor
Technology Innovators Magazine

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