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Our contract modeling and analytics software helps organizations predict and manage payments, using a data-driven approach for improved payer negotiations. Estimate net revenue by patient and better manage contracts, claims, and payments.

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“In the past, performing a payer review was a very manual process,” Levinson said. “We compared actual payments to charges and did all of the analysis in Excel. With Kaufman Hall’s help this time, we were able to look at the whole picture very easily.”
Jeanine Levinson
Director of Budget and Reimbursement Sturdy Memorial

Solution Capabilities


Sophisticated Contract Modeling

Perform ‘what-if’ modeling against proposed changes in contract terms to understand financial impacts and maximize your net revenue. Be informed when entering contract negotiations. Our solution makes it easy - define a contract model or cloning an existing one, edit the contract terms as needed, apply the model to a defined patient population via your historical claims, and compare the results.

Contract and Payer Compliance

Monitor the variance between actual payments versus expected to maximize revenue. Our solution allows you to monitor each payer’s payment performance against contract terms using actual claims to get accurate expected payments for the patient population.

Denials Management Analytics

Analyzing each payer’s denials provides insight into why and how often each payer denies claims and uncover specific claim types or services that are more commonly denied. Surface root cause issues and help guide corrective action including process changes such as coding adjustments, ultimately improving revenue.

Improve your management of contracts, claims, and payments


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