Price and Manage Business Based on Relationship Profitability

The Axiom Relationship Profitability and Pricing System (RPPS) provides the framework to build complex relationships, precisely measure profitability for each relationship, customer, and account, and accurately price new business.

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Provide your relationship managers with reports detailing their portfolio profitability and empower management with profitability data to fuel business decisions and incentive compensation plans

Apply costs at the customer account and transaction levels to ensure accurate relationship profitability calculations. Leverage cost rates by product or transaction from Axiom or utilize a third-party source

Understand both the current and historical profitability for each account, customer, and relationship based on matched-term funds transfer pricing calculations of net interest margin, non-interest income and expense, and provision for loan loss

Select the best pricing scenarios to support the relationship and optimize profitability; automatically generate and submit the proposal with supporting profitability calculations and metrics

"We see Kaufman Hall and the Axiom team as trusted advisors and consultants. In our projects, we work hand-in-hand. So they truly are a great partner to work with throughout this journey."

Kenny Moyer, VP and Director of Profitability
Republic Bank

Build and maintain complex relationships
to fully realize and leverage the value of each
account, customer, and relationship in the portfolio.


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