The flow of higher education revenue has clearly changed course in recent years. Whether it is in the way that private institutions discount their tuition or states reduce their funding for colleges and universities, the result is a much-changed revenue model that has tightened many budgets.

At the same time, technology is dramatically altering the way we access and deliver education.

In the midst of a rapidly evolving environment, business officers are being forced to re-evaluate business models and implement changes that keep their institutions on course. To ensure long-term viability, new strategies must be balanced against the organization’s financial position and ability to access capital.

  • Has your strategic plan been financially tested?
  • Are your financial processes optimally designed?
  • Do you have an optimal capital structure that fully contemplates risk and market volatility?

As a leading advisor to management teams for more than 30 years, Kaufman Hall can provide the strategic financial leadership you need to navigate a changing environment.