Analytics and Reporting Services

Reporting has the power to transform a bank or credit union’s data into valuable information that drives performance management. Yet, in many cases, organizations are bogged down by a patchwork of disparate data sources and cumbersome spreadsheets, making it tough to access, consolidate, and manipulate the numbers in a meaningful way.

Kaufman Hall experts provide you with a framework for reporting and analytics that enables financial executives to quickly respond to stakeholder requests for both financial and operational information. Whether the need is for call reports for regulators, financials for board members, 10-Qs for stockholders, or variance reports for management, time and accuracy are of the essence. We help you develop a tailored solution that can satisfy all reporting needs, ranging from consolidated to highly granular views. 

Kaufman Hall tools provide a reporting and analytics solution that can become your reporting hub, with trusted data available to be analyzed in any manner necessary to make a real impact on decision making within the organization.

Our advisory services for analytics and reporting provide a structured model for banks and credit unions to assess the institution’s management reporting and analytics needs through:

  • Interviews of management and other stakeholders
  • Review of current management reporting frameworks and management structures to recommend improvements in alignment
  • Creation of analytical tools and dashboards to assist in decision making