Now the largest U.S. population segment, Millennials are driving change in numerous industries—healthcare is no exception. In a world of instant messaging, same-day delivery, and constant access, Millennial consumers have high expectations for quality, convenience, and cost. New research illustrates how those expectations affect healthcare.

Children’s hospitals are on the frontlines, as Millennial parents are manifesting clear care delivery expectations for their children, and for themselves going forward. Drawn from extensive proprietary research, this session reveals what providers must do to win the next generation. The future is all about the battle for healthcare’s “front door”… and Millennials are knocking hard.

During this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • The many forces driving changing consumer expectations among Millennials.
  • The research into the core needs, expectations, and attitudes of Millennials in their approach to healthcare, including how they differ from previous generations, and how they should apply to organizational strategies moving forward.
  • The key steps that legacy healthcare organizations can take to better understand, and begin to address Millennials’ healthcare needs and expectations within the communities they serve.