Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that the world will address the COVID-19 pandemic through a three-stage process of “respond, recover, and reimagine.” In this webinar series and an accompanying eBook, Kaufman Hall’s Higher Education Management Consulting team applies the “respond, recover, and reimagine” framework to higher education. The webinar series focuses on the task of reimagining higher education, with sessions on strategies for growth, transformation, and affiliation, as well as sessions on the tools and leadership skills required.

Administrative and curriculum redesign will be the focus of this session, with conversation focused on strategies to improve efficiencies, identify cost-sharing opportunities, and seek partners to improve both course content and the range of modalities through which it is offered.

Meet the Authors
Larenda Mielke

Larenda Mielke

Vice President
Larenda Mielke is a Vice President in the Higher Education division of Kaufman Hall’s Strategic and Financial Planning practice. She has extensive leadership experience in higher education in the areas of strategy, curriculum and program development, and more.
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