Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that the world will address the COVID-19 pandemic through a three-stage process of “respond, recover, and reimagine.” In this webinar series and an accompanying eBook, Kaufman Hall’s Higher Education Management Consulting team applies the “respond, recover, and reimagine” framework to higher education. The webinar series focuses on the task of reimagining higher education, with sessions on strategies for growth, transformation, and affiliation, as well as sessions on the tools and leadership skills required.

This session will look at affiliation options through the perspectives of organizations seeking to merge or divest their holdings, and organizations seeking new opportunities through acquisition. Topics will include possible affiliation models, cultural considerations, and other factors that influence the success of an affiliation.

Meet the Authors

Anu Singh

Managing Director, Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Leader
Anu Singh leads the evaluation, structuring, negotiation, and execution of mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, and other forms of transactions.
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