The long-held notion that the ED is the front door to the hospital remains pervasive, but healthcare’s true front door is much more complex and diverse than the ED. The eclipsing of inpatient revenue by outpatient revenue, expansion of value-based payment models, and a precipitous drop in ED visits since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic all indicate a need to focus on physicians’ offices.

Read this issue of the Kaufman Hall Report to learn what hospital and health system leaders can do to ensure that physicians are an effective front door for their organizations. Also included in this issue:

  • Insights on how health systems can help address the nation’s mounting behavioral health crisis
  • Strategies for healthcare leaders to re-establish their organization’s internal gyroscope
  • The benefits of increasing health system regionalization seen in recent M&A trends
  • Mid-year market results and what they mean for U.S. hospitals and health systems

Also, see details on Kaufman Hall’s 2021 Healthcare Leadership Conference and how to register.