Is your organization on track for meeting consumer healthcare expectations? 

The internet economy has forever changed how people shop, get information, do business, and interact. There are new expectations for access, convenience, and low prices—expectations that hospitals and health systems find difficult to meet.

The 2018 report finds U.S. hospitals and health systems are doing more to try to meet the rapidly changing expectations of today’s healthcare consumers, yet significant room for improvement remains.

Read the report to get full details on overall industry consumerism performance. Key findings include: 

  • Only 8% of hospitals and health systems demonstrate strong consumer-centric performance
  • 90% of respondents say improving consumer experience is top priority
  • 70% of organizations either have not begun, or are in the very early stages of their consumerism efforts

Find out where your organization falls in Kaufman Hall’s Healthcare Consumerism Index as well as a framework for developing an integrated consumerism strategy. Download the report today!