2021 Healthcare Leadership Conference

On October 14, 2021, our annual Healthcare Leadership Conference shifted from its previous home at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago to a virtual gathering. Nearly 2,000 registrants joined Kaufman Hall and a host of healthcare experts for four compelling conversations on the current and future impact of the pandemic and other key industry trends, and emerging strategies for reducing racial disparities in healthcare.

Webinar Series: Continuing the Conversation (HLC)

Kaufman Hall’s acclaimed Healthcare Leadership Conference (HLC) hosted monthly virtual conversations with healthcare executives on topics ranging from next-generation strategy to reducing healthcare disparities to their own leadership journeys. Many leaders shared their heartfelt, ongoing learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic—and their financial and operational perspective on the post-pandemic era. We believe you will enjoy these short conversations (30 min or less).

Webinar Series: COVID-19 Path to Recovery

To emerge successfully from the COVID-19 crisis, organizations need the very best and most nuanced plans, and superbly coordinated execution. View our on-demand webinars and hear Kaufman Hall experts as they present a specific path for recovery.

Webinar Series: Reimagining Higher Education