Kaufman Hall’s Treasury & Capital Markets Practice has developed a road map to help organizations transition from the COVID-19 crisis we are experiencing now to the new normal we will reach in what we estimate will be a year or more.

The road map is intended to help you guide your hospital or health system through three phases:

  1. Now: Responding to the crisis by aggressively accumulating liquidity
  2. Near: Stabilizing operations and managing liquidity
  3. Far: Unwinding liquidity and implementing the new normal

Recommended actions, tools, and links to thought leadership resources are provided for each phase in areas including:

  • Treasury operations
  • Credit management
  • Invested asset management
  • Capital asset management

The road map also describes estimated time horizons and potential funding sources for the now, near, and far.


Download the Road Map


For more information, please contact Robert Turner through email or by calling (214) 295-3200.