The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the physician staffing landscape for hospitals and health systems.

In the near term, organizations must ensure coverage for high-demand needs while effectively managing specialists who had been previously engaged in elective procedures.

Organizations must also address potential quarantines of nurses and other clinical support staff exposed to COVID-19, redeploy support staff from other areas of the organization, and effectively engage community-based independent physicians to manage demand and coordinate care.

In all these efforts, communication and transparency are critical.

Kaufman Hall’s Planning team has created this monitoring and planning guide to help you keep track of the many physician issues that might arise in the near and long term, including:

  • Physician Compensation and Coverage
  • Independent/Community Physicians
  • Physician Support Staff

This guide also identifies initiatives hospitals can take to ensure coverage for COVID-19 patients, from recruiting retired clinicians to expanding current shift requirements.


Download the PDF Guide