The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the strategic landscape for health systems and health plans who are engaged in or considering payer-provider partnerships.

Payers and providers alike are experiencing a host of COVID-19 related factors, from the financial impact of postponed elective procedures to higher payer medical spends during the pandemic. The changing environment is also creating new opportunities, from increased consumer interest in virtual care to the potential for greater collaboration between payers, providers, and government agencies as a result of the pandemic.

Kaufman Hall’s Planning team has created this monitoring and planning guide to help you keep track of the key impact factors, market effects, and emerging opportunities related to payer-provider partnerships that might arise for:

  • Providers (Fee-for-Service)
  • Providers (Risk-Bearing Organization)
  • Payers
  • Product Partnerships
  • Employers/Purchasers


Download the PDF Guide