2019 State of Consumerism Report

2019 State of Consumerism in Healthcare: The Bar is Rising

The fourth annual report details industry performance related activities designed to enable patients to become wholly involved in their healthcare decisions. Inside the report, we'll share all the key findings and proven best practices for designing consumer pricing, access, experience, and infrastructure strategy.
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2018 M&A in Review: A New Healthcare Landscape Takes Shape

Healthcare merger and acquisition activity in 2018 points to a continued focus on strategic over opportunistic growth. The emergence of new competitors with the scale and capital resources to quickly build a presence in the markets they decide to enter has created a new imperative for strategic growth, as hospitals and health systems seek to obtain the expertise, data, and technology needed to engage and remain relevant to consumers.
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2018 State of Cost Transformation: Time for Big Steps

The pursuit of lower costs is not a new priority for most hospitals and health systems. But has the talk translated into action? What goals have organizations set to transform costs, what progress are they making, and what impediments must be addressed?
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