Empty shopping mall

Amazon As a Mind Flayer

What does Amazon have in common with the Mind Flayer? What does this mean for the healthcare industry, and how should executives respond?
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A Conversation with Jim Collins

What personal and organizational characteristics would separate winners from losers during and after the COVID pandemic? Read the 4 principles that apply to healthcare leaders.
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Illustration of confused business person uncertain about which direction to go

COVID-19: No Time for Innumeracy

The most dangerous fallacy about fighting the financial effects of COVID-19 is that it’s necessary to wait for the current uncertainty to clear before developing the financial foundation of an essential recovery plan. Read more.
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Retro photo of Macy's day parade in New York

The Old Strategy Is So Old

With the movement of the internet economy, it’s not just physical versus digital, not just store vs. online; it’s actually more complicated than that. Read more.
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