Illustration of #1 foam hand

Protectionism vs. Performance

The instinct of legacy organizations, confronted with a new business model, is to close ranks. In many cases, this means first trying to save the existing culture. Read how your organization can learn and improve.
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Pop-up book of vintage houses and hospital

Healthcare’s Pop-Up

Why on earth would Taco Bell be getting into the hotel business? And what is a “pop-up hotel”? Read more in this week's Thoughts from Ken Kaufman.
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Funnel Business Model

The Funnel Business Model of the Internet

As Ken Kaufman speaks with healthcare executives around the country, he receives many questions about the CVS Health/Aetna and UnitedHealth/Optum business models. Read more about his take on the matter.
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style matters

Style Matters

Having worked in healthcare for more than 40 years, I frequently am told stories about people’s encounters with the U.S. healthcare system. Here is one I heard recently from a friend of mine that got me thinking about the word "patient" and how I'd like my healthcare provider to think of me.
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