Covid mural

Post-Pandemic Preparation

In the roughly 12 months since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, America’s hospitals have borne a huge amount of the pressure and accountability for managing the effects of an unknown and unpredictable virus, and more recently for the complex process of disseminating vaccines.
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Skeptical Thinking in Healthcare

Skeptics Wanted

Never before have organizations been required to think more rapidly and radically than in the volatile environment of COVID-19, when existing business models are being decimated daily, and organizations need to hit a new target that is hazy at best.
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Multiculturalism society

To Advance You Have to Advance

For all organizations, the imperative is to ensure that women and people of color are placed in the most senior leadership positions—not just part of the broader leadership team, but in positions that will place them in the most exclusive groups making the most important decisions.
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Practicing physician having online meeting with a patient

Amazon, Shopify, and Telehealth

The Shopify platform means that virtually anyone can be a retail entrepreneur. And a Shopify-style option for hospitals may mean that almost any hospital can offer some level of telehealth services.
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Observations on Management

Healthcare organizations have rotated toward a transactional operating platform because that platform is highly correlated to efficient operations, consistent levels of clinical care, and excellent financial performance.
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Mother speaking to doctor via Telehealth

How Telehealth Could Fail

After several years of research and development, the automated teller machine made its first appearance in 1967 at a branch of London’s Barclay’s Bank. Two years later, the first U.S. ATM was installed at a branch of the Chemical Bank on Long Island.
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