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PineBridge Investments Improves Planning and Reporting Capabilities with Axiom Software

When AIG sold PineBridge to Pacific Century Group (PCG), the company migrated to Microsoft Dynamics for enterprise resource planning. Plans were in place to use the Microsoft reporting application, but the Finance team quickly realized that the application lacked crucial capabilities. Only Axiom Software combined true “ease-of-use” with robust capabilities to solve a variety of business problems.

Hanna Andersson Standardizes Budgeting Platform to Shorten the Process, Mitigate Data Errors and Extend Reporting Capabilities

Hanna Andersson's Finance team was using multiple platforms for their budgeting processes–this set-up was clunky, inefficient and prone to data inconsistencies. The company required a new solution that would integrate all budgeting and reporting processes on one platform, expand and streamline financial reporting capabilities, mitigate data errors, and be highly customizable to fit within existing business operations.

Oregon State Credit Union Increases Efficiency and Accuracy of Planning, Budgeting and Reporting with Axiom Software

Oregon State Credit Union, formerly OSU Federal Your Community Credit Union, is a state-chartered credit union in Oregon with branches in Benton, Lincoln, Linn, Marion and Polk counties. For more than 60 years, Oregon State Credit Union has been a member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution. Earnings are returned to the credit union’s members in the form of competitive financial offerings, more personalized service and convenience. Founded in 1954, the Credit Union reached its first $1 million in deposits in 1960. Today, Oregon State Credit Union is a thriving financial cooperative with more than $780 million in assets and 200 employees. The organization’s guiding principles are: creating financial solutions to make lives better; providing security, services and solutions based on their values, which include; member focus, integrity, passion, education, cooperative spirit and social responsibility.

Credit Union of Texas Streamlines and Simplifies Budgeting Activities with Axiom Software

Credit Union of Texas (CUofTX) is a community-based credit union that serves more than 120,000 members across the United States. Credit Union of Texas was established in 1931 by a group of teachers with only $65 in assets. Today, CUofTX is one of the top 100 credit unions in the country based on asset size. With more than a billion dollars in assets and 350 employees, CUofTX remains fully committed to its members. The member-owned organization is dedicated to providing superior services, such as investment options, checking accounts, and low interest rates on loans, while continually supporting its members’ financial interests.

Axiom Software Funds Transfer Pricing Overview

The Kaufman Hall Axiom FTP and Profitability solution is designed to calculate accurate Funds Transfer Pricing rates at the instrument/account level. This helps finance professionals measure margin contribution across any dimension, such as customers/members, products, organizational units, and channels.

STAR Financial Bank Improves Transparency and Understanding of Profitability with Axiom Software

STAR Financial Bank is one of the largest privately held community banks in Indiana. It includes 48 locations, $1.6 billion in assets and 660 employees offering services in banking, insurance, trust, wealth management and private banking. An impending software sunset of their legacy system and the need for robust profitability reporting kicked-off a search for a new provider. Of the many options, Axiom Software stood out as a solution tailored for financial institutions and backed by exceptional customer support.

Manage Uncertainty With Scenario Planning

Scenario planning helps financial institutions manage uncertainty by providing alternative views of the future against which strategies, tactics, and budgets can be tested.

How Bankers Can Address Growing Budgeting Headaches

Budgeting at banks is a tricky balancing act that gets more challenging each year. The financial crisis, and its aftermath, created a new layer of regulation to consider. A growing need to fund technology projects and an uncertain rate environment have only made it harder to forecast revenue and expenses. As banks struggle with lower returns, compared to pre-crisis levels, finance officer will need to become more accurate with forecasting and budgeting, industry observers said. While there is no clear-cut solution, chief financial officers must rely more on input from business line heads, while increasing accountability when it comes to meeting goals.

Westerra Credit Union Improves Efficiencies in Financial Reporting and Budgeting by Leveraging Axiom Software

Denver, Colorado-based Westerra Credit Union is a $1.3 billion asset-sized institution that ranks among the top 250 credit unions in the United States. At Westerra Credit Union, its more than 100,000 members are owners and shareholders. The credit union’s goal is to return its profits in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings rates and lower fees for services, as well as by investing in new products and services for its members. Westerra Credit Union was looking for a solution that would significantly improve efficiencies in its performance management processes, particularly financial reporting and budgeting. It was critical that the platform they chose was a long-term solution, and scalable so that the credit union’s finance team could truly champion it and expand its use over time. Additionally, Westerra Credit Union wanted to maximize user adoption by selecting solutions that required minimal staff training and maintenance.