Over the past decade, banks and credit unions have dealt with one of the most challenging banking environments in history.  Many hope that interest rates will start to rise, regulatory costs will decline and the economy will emerge from its long slumber, all fueling sustainable net interest margin and earnings growth. As you continue to wade through this prolonged period of declining margins and inconsistent earnings, preparing for the possibility of better times ahead, now is the time to make sure you truly understand the drivers of your profitability

By identifying your most profitable customers, products and branches—and most importantly understanding why they are your best performers—you will be equipped to make better decisions, creating a competitive advantage for your institution regardless of the environment.

Kaufman Hall experts discuss why profitability analysis is once again in the spotlight for many financial institutions. CFO’s and their Finance management can learn best practices for establishing a profitability analysis framework, and take away practical examples to apply at your institution. 

 Featured Presenters:

  • Ken Levey, Vice President of Financial Institutions, Kaufman Hall
  • Bryan Ridgway, Senior Solutions Engineer, Kaufman Hall