Financial institution leaders make decisions every day about the products, branches, channels, and customer/member segments to which operational and marketing budget should be allocated. In uncertain economic and regulatory times, it is more critical than ever not just to grow, but to grow profitably, advancing the segments that will help to achieve that.

Join finance experts from Wells Fargo Bank, Associated Bank and Kaufman Hall for a panel-based webinar exploring profitability drivers, priorities around profitability analysis, and techniques used for profitability measurement. This presentation includes results from a survey on profitability recently conducted by Kaufman Hall and the Association for Management Information in Financial Services (AMIfs).


  • Panelists:
    • Robert McDonald, Finance Consultant, Wells Fargo Bank
    • Angie DeWitt, Senior Vice President, Director of Management Accounting, Associated Bank
    • Bryan Ridgway, Senior Solutions Engineer, Financial Institutions, Kaufman Hall
  • Moderators:
    • Ken Levey, Vice President, Financial Institutions, Kaufman Hall
    • Kevin Link, AMIfs Executive Director, AMIfs