Achievable budgets are based on real-world data, not assumptions. However, many budget managers must develop documents without assurance of reasonable budget targets. Bringing in comparative data to your budgeting process can put that real-world data at your fingertips. 

Watch the webinar to learn: 

  • How accessing comparative budget KPIs can help you compare next year’s budget to peer groups, percentiles of your market, or within organizational context 

  • Methods for creating an achievable budget 

  • Best practices to keep your budget on target throughout the year 

Meet the Authors
Jay Spence

Jay Spence

Vice President of Healthcare Product Management and Strategy
Jay Spence is Vice President of Healthcare Product Management and Strategy with Kaufman Hall’s Software Division. In that role, he focuses on shaping and executing the firm’s software strategy and product roadmap ensuring Kaufman Hall solutions continue to evolve to address the changing needs of healthcare organizations.
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