Kaufman Hall’s Treasury Operations advisory service focuses on helping hospitals and health systems manage organizational liquidity and optimize their Treasury infrastructure. The service informs the core of an organization’s Treasury function, namely cash management and the maintenance of commercial banking accounts and products that facilitate receipt and payment of cash.

In this video, join Robert Turner, Senior Vice President, and Geoff Stenger, Assistant Vice President, for a short introduction to our Treasury Operations advisory service, explaining our approach to helping hospitals and healthcare systems optimize Treasury processes, pricing, and bank relationships.

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Thank you for joining us for a brief introduction to the Treasury Operations Advisory services offered by Kaufman Hall. Our speakers today are Geoff Stenger and Robert Turner of Kaufman Hall. Geoff Stenger is an assistant vice president for Kaufman Hall. He brings extensive expertise in treasury management to his role in the treasury and capital markets group including bank credit financing solutions and treasury operations consulting. Robert Turner is a senior vice-president of Kaufman Hall and a member of the firm's treasury and capital markets practice. Based in Dallas, Mr. Turner consults with healthcare clients nationwide focusing on issues related to capital structure strategy and the analysis and implementation of debt transactions. 

Kaufman Hall's Treasury Advisory services are designed to optimize our clients' credit and non-credit treasury operating platform so that they can better optimize their overall pursuit of their mission. Specifically, we do that by driving best practices across the treasury platform. It comes in four areas, primarily, at this point. First, we work with our clients to review their treasury services. Including the pricing that they pay. We do that at regular intervals. Second, we do an optimization of their banking relationships so that pricing and terms are coordinated on a credit and non-credit basis. We work with our clients to develop policies and procedures in pursuit of appropriate treasury risk management paradigm. And lastly, we work with our clients to scope and execute implementation so that we can ensure that they realize the value we identify through the course of the engagement. 

Kaufman Hall offers a variety of solutions to give you objective advice to help you assess your banking providers, exam and assess your banking fee structures, review credit and non-credit revenue allocations, and improve processes and relationships to further streamline your organization.

Kaufman Hall helps our clients optimize their treasury infrastructure by focusing on two key components of value. Operational value and strategic value. On an operational value perspective, we work with our clients to derive the value received for the services they purchase. On a strategic basis, we work to make sure that our clients are coordinating the capital capacity they can derive from their non-credit revenue sources. Taken together, we help our clients gather the information necessary through pricing, funding practices, credit capacity, capital development processes, in order to unlock the value in their current capital structure.

We work alongside our clients to scope, design, and execute both requests for information and requests for proposals. Within that, we provide objective pricing data. We normalize bank descriptions and codes so that there's a standard basis for comparison. And we do that again for both RFIs and RFPs. This can be done on a standalone basis. This can also be done as part of a broader engagement with our treasury and capital markets broader platform.
And if you're already talking to us about a debt transaction, this becomes a perfect time to look at the treasury operation's platform as a way to enhance the value of the overall engagement.