As the COVID-19 era enters its second year, the hospitals and health systems that have served on the pandemic’s front lines continue to confront high levels of operational and financial uncertainty. At the same time, hospitals are also getting used to a new administration and Congress in Washington.

Amid lingering COVID-related uncertainty and potential regulatory changes, hospital and health system boards must take the necessary short-term actions to live to fight another day, while mustering the energy to recalibrate their long-term trajectory and prepare for an increasingly value-based payment model. Boards with the ability to multitask those competing priorities will have the broadest options for blazing a sustainable path forward.

This article was published in the April 2021 issue of Boardroom Press, A Monthly Governance Institute Newsletter.

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Mark Grube

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Mark Grube leads Kaufman Hall’s healthcare strategy services, where his signature engagements have included helping hospitals and health systems to achieve growth opportunities, assess partnership options, and establish consumer strategies.
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