Our third annual report shares survey results and insights from higher education budget and finance professionals.

Want to know where higher education finance stands?

See data compiled from budget and finance professionals alongside analysis from leaders at Community College of Rhode Island, Lane Community College, University of Rochester , University of Arizona, and University of Southern California in Higher Education Financial Trends: Priorities, Challenges, and Insights to Get Ahead in 2020.

This report delivers insights into the most impactful higher education financial trends, benchmarks and challenges, including:

  • Budget cycles are getting longer, as institutions with cycles lasting more than six months increased steadily from 34% in 2018 to 43% in 2020
  • Many institutions aspire to use predictive analytics to support financial planning, but only 27% do so
  • Reducing expenses is a top goal, but difficulty aggregating data from multiple sources into a single report (74%) and creating dashboards of key financial information (63%) limit data-based decision-making
  • 76% of finance leaders feel higher education lags other industries in adoption of modern tools and processes

These and dozens of other data points are available in the report and useful for higher education leaders who are interested in:

  • Determining whether current business models are sustainable
  • Benchmarking institutional performance
  • Identifying the biggest barriers to success

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How does higher education compare to other industries when it comes to innovation?


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