Healthcare boards are entering 2021 with an extraordinarily full agenda, challenged by COVID-19 response and recovery, heightened focus on social justice and corporate social responsibility issues, new technology and communication challenges, and other similarly complex issues. To assist in the governance response, boards are increasingly turning to their key committees for support and assistance in resolving fiduciary challenges.

To help you better support your governing board, McDermott joined forces with several of healthcare's leading advisory groups to bring you a collection of 12 committee-specific checklists to help lead your organization in the year ahead.


10 Key Topics for the Strategic Planning Committee 

With insights from: Ken Kaufman, Managing Director, Chair


10 Tips for Finance Committee Oversight

With insights from: Andrew Majka, Managing Director

GOVERNING HEALTH 2021: A committees' ability to satisfy their delegated responsibilities depends on a keen understanding of the key topics and trends they are likely to encounter in the coming year.


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