Whether you work in healthcare, higher education, financial institutions, or another industry, Performance Management Summit 2020 is the place to maximize your investment in your Axiom solution and Elevate Performance Together with your Axiom partners. 

At Summit, you’ll join other Axiom users, Axiom Software specialists, industry experts, and Kaufman Hall leaders for four days of training, networking, and camaraderie at the La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio, Texas, April 26-29, 2020. 

In addition to nearly 60 general and industry-specific breakout sessions, there will be optional training through Axiom Academy – highly specialized courses featuring facilitated discussions, detailed system demonstrations, and practical application exercises designed to help you maximize use of your solution.

Need more reasons to attend? Here’s what clients told us they like most about Summit, and why they consider it the can’t-miss event of the year:

“I really like to see how other people are doing things because I know there's so much potential for the Axiom system that we just haven't been able to get into yet. Seeing how other people use Axiom and the other functions that I maybe don't know are there is pretty exciting.”

“Unlike other events, I wasn't ‘sold to’ every minute of Summit – this is important. I was there to learn and hear about what Axiom has planned for the future, and I got exactly what I needed.”

“Ask the Expert sessions are the highlight. I brought a bunch of knowledge back, which I've applied to my job."

“I have attended dozens of seminars in my career and this was one of the best. Excellent organization, thoughtful presenters, applicable material, and attentive facilitators. Really well done!”

“I loved meeting and networking with fellow peers that work at the same size health systems. I was able to discuss and ask specific questions so that we can compare our issues. We were able to exchange information so we can troubleshoot if we are having similar issues.”

“My favorite part was one-on-one discussions with high-level Kaufman Hall experts to understand the roadmap.”

“The CEO sat our table at the client dinner on Monday night, and it was great to interact with him.”

“Networking with so many other higher ed institutions was invaluable.”

“I really enjoyed hearing how other financial institutions are using the software, what their struggles and successes were. It was interesting to hear the stories from organizations that had the software for a few years vs. others who had just started using it.”

“It's hard to pick a favorite part of Summit … I took nine pages of notes and came away with many ideas. Now I need to find the time to run with them!”

Register today to lock in the early bird price of $1,095, and we’ll see you in San Antonio, Texas, April 26-29, 2020.

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