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Drive-through consumerism

The drive-through experience at fast food restaurants has followed a familiar script for decades. Pull into a frustratingly long line while wondering whether you’d be better off parking, place your order through a static-plagued intercom, pull up to the window and pay and receive your food, only to discover when you get home that your hamburger was mixed up with a chicken sandwich and your fries are missing.

A new initiative from McDonald’s—bolstered by a recent purchase of a technology firm specializing in personalized sales—intends to deliver its customers a more seamless experience in the drive-through and beyond. In practical terms, that might mean tweaking its menus to reflect the weather—with cold drinks for hot days—or speeding up lines by offering consumers personalized options via a mobile app, McDonald’s chief global information officer Daniel Henry tells the Wall Street Journal

“Our customers are telling us this is an expectation they have, because this is the environment they’re dealing with in everyday life,” Henry says.

Lift-off for hospital generic drug effort

Civica Rx, a consortium of 800 hospitals from 20 health systems, announced this week that the supply company Xellia will provide two antibiotic treatments to Civica’s network for the next five years. Civica, which announced its intentions to create generic drugs to address shortages and high prices amid intense fanfare last year, has committed to creating 14 drugs in 2019. 

Innovation at a glance

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